Terra Weekly Report #12 : 12 July — 18 July

4 min readJul 18, 2021

Welcome to the Terra Weekly Report #12. This week we will be addressing all of the Terra Ecosystem events that occurred throughout the week of July 12th. A LOT has occurred this week! Enjoy!

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This Report/Blog is for informational purposes only! Nothing here is financial advice. Always make sure to do your own research and be aware that anything you invest in is your choice and is at your own risk. Be aware.

Weekly News:

New ‘next generation’ AMM for Terra, Astroport is announced. Incubated by Delphi labs and IDEOVC. Link to TweetLink to Medium

Saber launches the first LUNA trading pool on Solana with Terra and Ren.Link

Do Kwon appears on Yahoo Finance to discuss Terra and DEFI. Link

Welcoming Harmony Protocol to Terra! Harmony is now available on the Terra Bridge interface. Link

New project ‘Nexus Protocol’ announces Anti-harpoon protocol and other yield simplifying tools for Anchor and Mirror apps. Link

Nebula protocol announces the final flagship launch cluster. Says Nebula launch is incoming!! Link

Anchor yield reserve has now been replenished with 50 million SDT (~70 million UST)! Link to Tweet

Orion Money releases monthly update for June. Link

Talis.art goes live! Link to Tweet

MIRROR protocol adds mSquare, mDOT, and mAMD. Link

New app Terra.cards allows users to shop on Amazon with UST!

Apollo DAO shows teaser of new UI. Link

Recent Messari report shows that LUNA is one of the top invested assets across 44 crypto venture & hedge funds, second only to polkadot. Link

Nice summary on the upcoming Columbus-5 mainnet upgrade by Coinko. Link

Angel protocol releases teaser images of its new WebApp interface. Link

Announcing Terra Ecosystem Fund-the next adoption wave on Terra!! Ecosystem Fund will serve as a capital foundation for builders to access the resources of the industry’s leading investors to manifest their vision for apps, protocols, & tooling on Terra. Link

The latest edition of the Terra Project Spotlight explores the Secret Network and its collaboration with the Terra network. Link

Unslashed finance announces new UST peg insurance! Link

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