Terra Weekly Report #10: 28 June — 4 July

6 min readJul 4, 2021


Welcome to the Terra Weekly Report #10. This week we will be addressing all of the Terra Ecosystem events that occurred throughout the week of June 28th. A LOT has occurred this week! Enjoy!

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This Report/Blog is for informational purposes only! Nothing here is financial advice. Always make sure to do your own research and be aware that anything you invest in is your choice and is at your own risk. Be aware.

Weekly News:

Do Kwon's tweet reveals that Anchor users will be eligible for a chance to win DIVER rewards through Divergence app. Link

Great article by Moses on why DeFi applications built atop layer 1 infrastructure should seriously consider using UST stablecoin by Terra as their base currency. Link to Medium

DefiSteps.com launches new series of courses on Terra applications. Mirror V2 course is exceptionally good! Link to site

Orion Money with new updates today: Link to Tweet
- completes smart contract audits
- increases max caps
- launches mobile-friendly UI

Do Kwon releases Mirror roadmap now that V2 is released.

Link to Tweet Link to Forum

Mirror V2 AMA was held on the 29th June

SJ Park of Terra Form Labs drops word of a new Terra project ‘Valkyrie Money’ — a social referral and marketing application. Playfully teases, “coming for you Google, Facebook, and Amazon. “ Link

Introducing the Terra Luna DeFi Ecosystem w/ SJ Park — DeFi Conference Day 2. Link to video

New projects in the Terra ecosystem have been detected. Link to Tweet

LoTerra previews ‘final’ design for their app

Great article by Joseph at Qi Capital on “The State of Decentralization on Terra”. Link to Medium

Crypto 11 to bring fantasy sports betting to Terra soon. Link to Tweet

Overview Article on Yotta Savings:

- What is Yotta? What is the goal?
- What makes Yotta special?
- What are some plans for the future?
- What are the risks?
- How can the community get involved?

Link to Tweet - Link to Medium

Jay Lin posts a great thread of some of the most notable developments in the Terra ecosystem this past month. Link

Video by Terra Bites on 3 40%+ APR Mirror protocol plays. Link to video

Pylon wave 2- Pylon pools (6, 12, and 18 months)

Link to TweetLink to Medium

Nebula protocol tweets out more info and defines the first set of “clusters”.

Link to Tweet Thread

More details on Pylon protocol’s MINE Wave 2 Launch. Link

Do Kwon tweeted that Nebula protocol is complete! Link

Article by Yunt Capital titled “WTF is… Terra?”. Link to Medium

Kash app launches private Beta. Link to Tweet

Terraswap adding mobile functionality. Link to Tweet

Do Kwon to interview on the Staking Rewards YouTube show this Monday, July 5th. Link

Jack Abraham drops a Terra Luna plug on the Pompliano show. Link

Terra Report H1–2021 by Terrians. Link to Thread

SJ Park reveals some interesting stats on last week's Pylon protocol wave 1 launch. Link to Tweet

Weekly News Bites by Terra Bites covering everything that happened this week including, Pylon Wave 2, Mars, Nebula & many more updates. Link

Orion Money has released their litepaper. Link to Tweet - Link to Medium

Weekly Flipside Crypto Bounty Walkthrough #1

Task 1: New User Inflow to Terra

Flipside Crypto Bounty submissions from week 1

Link to Tweet - Link to Medium

Source: Orbital Command Intel report

Orbital Command is giving away the abovementioned tokens to a randomly picked delegator to its validator. The odds of winning are based on staking weight.

TFL launches Terra Community Bounty Program. Link to Tweet

Luna and UST now both available for purchase through Ramp SDK. Link

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