Terra LUNA Weekly Report: January 30 - February 6

3 min readFeb 6, 2022


By: Fynn

Welcome back to the Terra Weekly Report. I had to take a break from doing the weekly updates, but now we are back. The fundamentals of the terra ecosystem never stop impressing. So many big things are coming to Terra. Let’s take a look at the things that occurred this past week!

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Quick disclaimer: This Report is for informational purposes only! Nothing here is financial advice. Always make sure to do your own research and be aware that anything you invest in is your choice and is at your own risk. Be aware.

Weekly Analytics:

$LUNA is up 12.77% from Jan 30 to Feb 5, sitting at around $56 with a market cap of $22.5 billion

$UST marketcap is also on the rise. It is now at roughly an $11.3 billion marketcap, putting it at #17

Weekly Summary:

Check out the tweet above to see the Prism launch announcement for all necessary details.

Do Kwon announces REDACTED 2/3, which is a Terra Brand Partnership with a large sport franchise. The proposal is requesting 40 million UST to fund the endeavor.

Here is a great Terra update/overview by Coin Bureau

Upcoming one of a kind Tesseract mint which will enable you to transform your existing LunaBulls into 3D counterparts which can be taken into the metaverse!

PRISM Forge launched on February 1st. To participate, visit their site and check out their article For all useful info.

The third REDACTED is announced, allowing Anchor to reach the masses.

Stader Labs is building on Stake+ by onboarding more validators

Mars announces that its Lockdrop is targeted for Feb 21st. Follow Mars on Twitter So you don’t miss the official announcement

Kujira has announced that aUST bidding on liquidations is officially LIVE! This is massive news. This allows you to earn interest on your UST while your bids are waiting to be filled.

Here is a tweet from Jason Wang where we can see the Kado ramp beta that is coming soon. Getting money into and out of crypto! Make sure to go follow Kado so you don’t miss out on their upcoming announcements!

Some older BIG news:

$UST being listed on FTX exchange! Bringing UST to the masses…

Binance listing anchor token!

Stader Labs announces CoinList partnership

Kash announces its partnership with Mastercard for its upcoming payments application.

Thank you all for reading. This week was filled with a lot of new things for Terra. Share the link everywhere so we can get more people informed about this ecosystem. We need MORE people to be introduced to this rapidly growing ecosystem.

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