Terra $LUNA updates 31 May - 6 June (Weekly Terra Report)

made by Fynn. Link to my Twitter

Welcome to Fynn’s Weekly Terra updates. This week we will be addressing all of the Terra Ecosystem events that occurred throughout the first week of June. I would really appreciate it if you all would comment on my Twitter with your feedback and suggestions. Enjoy!

This Report/Blog is for informational purposes only! Nothing here is financial advice. Always make sure to do your own research and be aware that anything you invest in is your choice and is at your own risk. Be aware.

Apollo DAO releases their first Medium Article that introduces ApolloDAO Link to Tweet Link to Medium

Crypto Rand publishes an exclusive interview with the Team from SPAR protocol. Link to Tweet

Another great video by Crypto Dolphin where he highlights safe strategies to execute and keep generating money in Terra. Link to Video

Here is a video made by CryptoCents where he discusses Anchor Protocol liquidations and the impact it has on LUNA. Link to video

Orion release an introductory article where they also mention they are “just days away from release”. Link to Medium Link to Tweet

The new Anchor Dashboard is now live on the Anchor webapp

Link to DashboardLink to Tweet

Earlier this week, I published an Article on Terra Kado where I gave a brief description of what they are, what they are achieving, and what some plans are for the future. Make sure to go have a read.

Link to Medium Article - Link to Tweet - Link to Thread

Terra Kado also opened their Telegram group. Link

And lastly, Terra Kado released the Agora Proposal where they are seeking 21,000 Luna from the community fund. Link to Agora proposal

Currency Nomad publishes yet again another great video where he mentions Luna. Link to video

Convicted Marketer posts a complete Overview of the Terra Ecosystem. Link

Terra Kado also releases who their team is going to consist of. Link

I posted a long thread where I listed all of the projects on Terra.

And I later modified this list and created an updated one below

Everstake published a Terra Ecosystem Overview for beginners. Make sure to go check it out. Link

Terrians also released their own Terra ecosystem map. Link

4 mAssets are currently up for voting. Make sure to vote for what you like. Link

Sarah Kim publishes her May 2021 Community Update on Medium. Link

Mirror protocol published their Monthly Update on Medium as well. Link

Anchor also published a monthly update like usual. Make sure to take a look. Link

Coinko releases a graphic that highlights some upcoming projects. Link

Sawit Trisirisatayawong posts a thread and takes a deeper dive into how Terra’s on-chain swap feature and the Market module works. Link

Terra and Luna become top trending on CoinGecko. Link

I also published a thread on terra projects that have confirmed airdrops. Make sure to check it out. There are 19 confirmed and 19 are to be determined. Link

The ARK Invest Podcast with Do Kwon released.

Link to TweetLink to podcast

Thank you all for reading. This week was filled with a lot of new things for Terra. Share the link everywhere so we can get more people informed about this ecosystem.

made by: Fynn

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The orbital command Intel report was used as a source to gather some of this information. If you enjoyed this report, please consider delegating to Orbital Command.

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Orbital Command Twitter: https://twitter.com/orbital_command

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