Terra $LUNA updates 26th Apr — 02 May 2021

In this blog, I will be posting weekly lists of important things that occurred for the Terra ecosystem. I hope you learn something from this. Not financial advice, always make sure to do your own research.

These are in no particular order

made by Fynn https://twitter.com/Fynn79941486

SCB 10X announces they are running a validator node on terra. https://twitter.com/SCB10X_OFFICIAL/status/1386535031875674112?s=20
$Loop airdrops were announced for $LUNA stakers
BitBoy Crypto with roughly 900,000 subscribers mentions $LUNA in his Top 5 coin for May video. https://youtu.be/6eBwSaecMsM
Do Kwon speaks on Terra Integration in Korea. He visited the Bank of Korea
Anchor protocol passes $1 billion in Assets Under Management (AUM). https://twitter.com/ryanology045/status/1388163159110733827?s=20
Insanely good article on Terra by Jay Lin. A fantastic intro to share with others when introducing them to the ecosystem. https://jayljl.medium.com/the-moonshot-case-for-terra-luna-7759f2015335
William Chen hints at a possible forthcoming CHAI token. https://twitter.com/3william5chen/status/1388404845262958592?s=21
$UST surpasses $2 billion market cap
Crypto analysis firm “The Block” publishes research article outlining the Terra ecosystem. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/genesis/102741/mapping-out-terras-ecosystem
Do Kwon responds to ‘The Block’ article on Terra https://twitter.com/d0h0k1/status/1386618734878490629?s=21
Nexus Mutual offers purchasable insurance coverage for anchor protocol deposits. https://twitter.com/nexusmutual/status/1386689981096374278?s=21
Great thread about Luna tokenomics by @FloodCapital. https://twitter.com/floodcapital/status/1386747714214445057?s=21
Terra Bites Validator launches Terra Academy, a series of introductory videos to developing apps on the Terra Luna ecosystem. https://twitter.com/terrabitespod/status/1386762975512567808?s=21
Harpoon Protocol proposal passes, becoming the first successful proposal on Anchor.
Unconfirmed rumors arise on twitter that the Busan news is official and that Busan City is incorporating Terra stablecoins as a municipal digital payments network. https://twitter.com/j0203j/status/1386878440041811970?s=21
Great video by Terra Bites https://youtu.be/oryqiNkT2os
Mirror v2, Col-5, Ozone, Pylon, and Nebula immenent
Qi Capital publishes a review article on Anchor protocol. https://twitter.com/qi_capital/status/1386997623358476292?s=21
Community Updates | April 2021

🌎 Terra: https://medium.com/terra-money/april-2021-community-update-60a6e0ee267d

⚓️ Anchor: https://medium.com/anchor-protocol/anchor-community-update-april-2021-3bc76528b795

🪞 Mirror: https://medium.com/mirror-protocol/mirror-community-update-april-2021-a9798db761dd

Mayor Scott Conger of Jackson Tennessee shows interest on Twitter in exploring Terra network to make his city a leader on crypto adoption. https://twitter.com/mayorconger/status/1387088747955691530?s=21
Coinmarketcap publishes new article exploring Terra Ecosystem https://coinmarketcap.com/alexandria/article/luna-bound-exploring-the-terra-ecosystem?s=09
Do Kwon Interviewed on Base Layer Podcast. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/base-layer/id1445373535#episodeGuid=41818df8-a81c-11eb-9287-5f4b32be57ac
Everstake publishes a guide to staking on Terra with a ledger device. https://medium.com/everstake/how-to-stake-terra-luna-using-ledger-hardware-wallet-and-terra-station-wallet-fdfda493fba
Luna gets listed on Thai exchange Bitazza. https://twitter.com/bitazzaofficial/status/1387598285615943685?s=21
Latest Terra Project Spotlight drops. https://medium.com/terra-money/terra-project-spotlight-spar-protocol-a96a4c2cd265
Interesting thread on liquid staking derivatives and Lido Finance (they enable bLuna). https://twitter.com/floodcapital/status/1387918435766751234?s=21
Do Kwon posts a screenshot showing what appears to be DAI deposited directly into Anchor protocol. Hints USDT next. https://twitter.com/d0h0k1/status/1388064675405783042?s=21

Thank you all for reading. Share the link so we can get more people informed about this ecosystem.

made by Fynn https://twitter.com/Fynn79941486