Terra $LUNA updates 25–31 October (Weekly Terra Report)

4 min readOct 31, 2021

Welcome to the Terra Weekly Report. Welcome to all of my new readers! Today, we look into the things that occurred this past week!

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Weekly Summary:

I have decided to add a “Weekly Summary” portion to my reports for those who enjoy a quick paragraph recap of the week. This past week we saw a ton of Luna and UST exchange listings, including CrossTower listing, coinbase adding more UST pairs, SifChain listing, AscendEX luna listing, Okcoin luna listing, and Liquality wallet enabling terra. So many more exchanges are beginning to accept Luna and UST, which is a good sign. There are also multiple IDOs coming up on StarTerra and Pylon. These include Kujira, Orion, TerraLand, and more… These next few weeks are going to be action-packed. Make sure to follow me so you don’t miss out on any news!

Weekly News:

First ever utility NFT where the owner receives lifetime Diamond status on the Kash platform. Total sales for LunaBulls and Terra Cards special auction NFTs went for over 2150 Luna, a lot of it going to charity with Angel Protocol

NeoBank Blockbank (with 50k users) announces partnership and integration with ORION money! Link

Chainlink Price Feeds Now Live on the Terra Testnet, Bringing Premium Market Data to its DeFi Ecosystem! Link

UST and Luna are now listed on CrossTower Global Platform. Open for trading. Link

Great article by Kujira on how to bid on liquidations using ORCA! Link

Pylon announces they will be partnering with PRISM! Link

Stader Labs litepaper is now live. Make sure to check it out! Link

Terra World campaign coming to Valkyrie in mid November. Link

Astroport is in audit and is planning to launch in mid-November. Link

Coinbase announces their UST-USD, USDT, and EUR pairs are now live! Link

$UST $LUNA now available on SifDEX! Link

AscendEX lists $LUNA!! Link

Glow Yield will airdrop to $ANC staker and Anchor $UST depositors.

Snapshot was already taken. Link

Native $LUNA is now on Okcoin! Link

Liquality Wallet enables Terra!! Link

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