Terra $LUNA updates 14 June — 20 June (Weekly Terra Report)

5 min readJun 20, 2021

Welcome to the Terra Weekly Report #8. This week we will be addressing all of the Terra Ecosystem events that occurred throughout the week of June 8th.

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Orion Money ALPHA release!

Orion Saver Alpha and EthAnchor are now live! With Orion Saver you can now deposit Ethereum stablecoins $USDC $USDT $DAI & $BUSD for up to 20% APY. Bringing an all-new gateway from Ethereum to Terra.

Visit https://orion.money/ to try it for yourself!

Weekly News:

CTO of Delphi Digital Luke Saunders drops some alpha and discusses 6 projects building on Terra that they have been helping with. Link

Loop Finance plans to integrate with Thorchain to make cross-chain swaps between native assets (BTC, ETH, BNB) and any Terra asset possible.

Joseph with Qi Capital published an article on “Different Ways to Earn on Anchor Protocol” Make sure to check it out! Link to Medium

Mirror V2 new Dashboard

Mirror V2 testnet is now live. Mirror V2 builds on the best of V1, incorporating invaluable community feedback to deliver a number of innovative key features. Link to details

Some changes:

  • Improved incentives for gov participation
  • New collateral options: LUNA, MIR, ANC, aUST
  • Shorting incentives (generating sLP tokens)
  • Pre-IPO assets

Learn how to build Terra-specific dapps at the Zero to Dapp with Terra workshop featuring Terra’s Dev Relations Lead. Link

June 15, 1PM-2:30PM UTC / 10PM-11:30PM KST

Rerun app Litepaper released. It’s an overview of strategy, tokenomics, roadmap, and how our founder used similar habit-building methods after being booted off of a rollercoaster. Link

“Kado is hitting the gas. We’ve been working with some heavy hitters for the past month and we are excited to formally introduce our first round of advisors to the community.” Link

Local Terra Teaser

Local Terra provides teaser photo of their app development progress. Link

More details released on how Pylon Gateway works, as Pylon protocol nears launch. Link

Overview Article on Loop Finance
- Problems and Solutions
- Web and Mobile Interfaces
- The Vision
- Why Terra?
- Roadmap
- Loop partnerships
- Token distribution
and much more…

Link to Tweet-Link to Medium

Gemini exchange lists Mirror (MIR) token. Link to Tweet

Mars protocol thread on differences between Mars and Anchor. Link

Do Kwon comments on some recent events in the Terra ecosystem. Link

Global Virtual Hackathon and Accelerator program “Next Top Blockchain Startup” announces its ‘Defi for the Masses’ tract sponsored by Terra. Link

Do Kwon and Woojin Lim hint that Pylon protocol release is next week!

Detailed thread on UST and Iron by Do Kwon. Link to Twitter thread

Anchor Governance Prop #2 to change the interest rate parameters have been executed. Link

Orion Money completes $1.7M seed round including investors Hashed and Delphi Labs. Link to Tweet

New features coming in Mirror V2! Link

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