Terra $LUNA updates 10 May-16 May (Weekly Terra Report)

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Welcome to Fynn’s weekly Terra updates. This week we will be addressing all of the Terra Ecosystem events. I would really appreciate it if you all would comment on my Twitter with your feedback and suggestions. Hope you Enjoy!

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made by Fynn. Link to my Twitter

Buidl.Asia announces a new cosmos Hackathon entitled “HackAtom HCMC 2021”. Terra will be the Platinum sponsor and DK will serve as one of the judges. Link

Pickle finance offering high APYs for their mAsset pools. (110–140% APY range) Link

Rockaway fund publishes Revised Analysis of Terra, upping their previous price target for the Luna token from $5 to a whopping $170! Link

Saturn announces Atlas, a payments gateway that enables seamless stablecoin transactions between merchants and customers. Link

Great Video to watch! Link

Fiat on-ramp to LUNA is finally live via TRANSAK

0.5% fee with 0.2% slippage to buy $LUNA with @transak_finance is now live! Link Link to Tweet

Community member Midas publishes The Terran Outpost #2, highlighting the most interesting Terra ecosystem news for the week of 4/26–5/2. Link

Chai now supports deeplinking into Terra Station mobile for $KRT automatic topups. ”KRT can now do everything KRW can do and more.” -Do Kwon. Link

Do Kwon says people in Korea will no longer need a bank account. Link

Mirror gets listed on Crypto.com. Link to Tweet

Do Kwon makes a proposal to increase the maximum number of Validators. Link

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Anchor Earn SDK. It allows third parties to seamlessly integrate 20% yield on $UST to expand stable savings opportunities to a greater audience!

⚓️ End-to-end integration now possible in 7 lines of code or less.

⚓️ Anchor is the gold standard for savings — 20% yield for all.

SDK: Link

Docs: Link

Tweet: Link

Defi Alliance adds Terra to its Ecosystem Partnership Program — an accelerator program providing mentorship and other resources for startups building on Terra. Link to Tweet

William Chen highlights some of the upcoming Terra Projects. Link

Alice finance opens signups for early access. Link to Tweet

Another great test of stability during the major dip for $UST. Link

Alice officially raised $2 million! Link

Great Weekly News Video by Tera Bites! Link

A great Terra Overview Video by Radix DLT. Link

Mars Protocol tweets out Morse code message hinting at the imminent release of their “Red” Paper, prompting some community members to get excited about an incoming airdrop soon. Photo Credit: Dread Bongo. Link

Have friends or fam that you want to introduce to Terra and Defi, but tired of repeatedly explaining it yourself? Then refer them to our new zoom Terra tutorials! Link to Signup Link to Tweet

$UST is now available on Nerve Finance’s low-slippage AMM Pool on BSC!

LPs deposit $UST into any of Nerve’s 3Pools (BUSD, USDT, USDC) and users can swap between stables with almost no slippage. LP’s can start providing $UST liquidity.

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Excited to announce that Terra is now supported on the cross-chain MathWallet — providing easy access to the entire suite of Terra products all in one place! Link to Tweet Link to Article

The Chairman, with nearly 1 million followers, responds to KSI Crypto and says he has been convinced on Luna. Link to Original Link to my Tweet

Winners for Terra Delphi Hackathon Event were released:

1st place: Orion Money

2nd place: ApolloDAO

3rd place: Angel Protocol and Suberra

Congratulations to the winning teams!!

Terra is taking its talents to Polygon via Dfyn, the AMM DEX on Polygon

Liquidity farms: LP $UST pools and earn $DFYN tokens.

DFyn will spin up a Terra node and use Router Protocol’s cross-chain liquidity super mesh to bridge Terra and $UST liquidity across chains.

Link to Medium

Community member Alpac4 launches a new TerraSwap Dashboard with incredible stats and infographics for liquidity providers and traders. Link

Anchor Twitter account hints that Eth collateral for anchor could be coming soon. Link

I published an Article on StarTerra. Make sure to check it out! It includes a project Overview and an Interview with the CEO, Pan Paragraf.
Link to Tweet Link to Medium

Learn-terra.com is officially launched, an excellent community resource for anyone that wants to learn more about the ecosystem.

Out of the 383m $LUNA in circulation 257m $LUNA is being staked!

That’s around 67% of the entire $LUNA circ supply being locked up. Link

Thank you all for reading. This week was full of so much information so I hope you guys got something out of this. I hope you enjoyed! Share the link everywhere so we can get more people informed about this ecosystem.

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