Terra $LUNA updates 03 May-09 May (Weekly Report with Orion ALPHA)

7 min readMay 9, 2021

Welcome to Fynn’s weekly Terra updates. This week we will be addressing all of the Terra Ecosystem events as well as some Orion updates/alpha that I received. I would really appreciate it if you all would comment on my Twitter with your feedback and suggestions. Do you like the design I’m going with? Also, thanks for the support on last week's Blog. Much appreciated.

Orion ALPHA down below!!! MAKE SURE TO READ!!

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To start, Smart Stake created yet again another beautiful visual of the terra ecosystem. Link

Orion Money:

This section is dedicated to Orion and includes some Orion ALPHA that only we know. Do with it as you wish.

Telegram: t.me/Orion_Money

Firstly, make sure to check out Orion’s Twitter for upcoming news and to stay up to date.

They have also created their own Orion validator in Terra Station, but this isn’t their only achievement.

Their goal, in simple terms, is anchor protocol on ETH.

If you want to read more in-depth about Orion from one of our most active community members then take a look at this thread created by Midas. Link

As you can see from the screenshot, Orion has many things coming in the near future:

  • Airdrop for Luna Stakers
  • Whitepaper in the works (very soon)
  • MVP
  • and much more…

Now to the part we have all been waiting for… the ALPHA.



  • Airdrop 1 will be to all Luna stakers — proportional to their stake, with a potential limit per wallet
  • Airdrop 2 to Orion Validator stakers. Orion validator will have zero % commission until the ORION token TGE. After this, the Orion validator’s commission will be set at 5% and all of its profits (profits=revenue-minus server costs) will be going to ORION stakers (receivable once ORION staking on Terra protocol is live).
  • Airdrop 3 to first 1,000 stakers of Orion Stake/Optimizer testnet V1 app (amount will decrease with the number of users)
  • Airdrop 4 to first 1,000 stakers on Orion Stake/Optimizer on mainnet (amount will decrease with the number of users)

Now back to the weekly updates:

Do Kwon appears on the ARK Invest Podcast. I would recommend you watch it. Link

Check out this series of tweets about the upcoming mirror LP updates. Link

Roberto Talamas created a great thread on Twitter that highlights the correlation between Luna and other DeFi assets. He implies it reduces risk and improves portfolio diversification. Link

Workshop hosted by BAND on integrating decentralized price oracles. Link

Ryan Park of TFL hints at a preview of the new Anchor protocol Dashboard. Link

Great Introductory article on Medium by My Defi. Go check it out! Link

Ozone Insurance draft by Do Kwon seeking feedback from our community is now live on Agora!!

They are seeking feedback so if you could go check it out and comment what you think, it would be much appreciated!

Agora Link to the Ozone Update: Link

My Retweet regarding Ozone: Link

Here is the proposed distribution of the Ozone (O3) insurance protocol tokens

Terra Bites Weekly Update. Great video to watch about last week! Link

Coinone exchange lists Anchor Protocol (ANC) token. Go take a look. Link

You can now buy, sell, and trade Luna in INR of WazirX. Link

Here is a small thread by Midas where he highlights a possible Terra x Paypal partnership. Go Like and retweet so we can get Paypal’s attention. Link

WSB Chairman, with almost 1 million followers, has sparked interest in luna by responding to KSI’s tweet. Link

Trading of Mirror Protocol (MIR) token set to begin on Coinbase Pro (in regions supported). Link

Do Kwon responded to the MIR listing and hints that Luna is next. Link

Nash wallet to integrate with Terra ecosystem. Take a look. Link

Multicoin Capital reveals that it is an investor in LUNA! Link

Flipside crypto published a deep-dive article on Mirror Protocol. Link

Do Kwon speaks on Anchor adoption in the Telegram. Link

Do Kwon speaks on upcoming airdrops. Imminent! Link

Looks like Terra is getting a direct fiat gateway in the US with Prime Trust. This is huge news because it opens up the Terra ecosystem to the entire country. Easy access for the average person. Link

More UST demand = more Luna burned

Messari publishes research article on the Terra ecosystem- “Terra: Defi Giant Reaching Mainstream Adoption” Link

Great thread on Anchor by Flood Capital! Link

It’s just that easy. Mass adoption, easy access for the average person. Link

Open development update of Ozone: v2.1 draft out for review: Link


- $O3 is now $OZ
- cover_fee is set by the vault utilization ratio, not set by governance
- $OZ token is emitted to cover losses that exceed contributions to the vault, not healing

Terra adds in-wallet support for sending terra ecosystem assets to Ethereum and BSC networks

In-Depth Technical Analysis by Currency Nomad. Go check it out! Link

Wing Finance shows interest in partnering further with Terra. Link

Interesting thread by Revo2z on the known Terra ecosystem. Link

Check out Orion’s demo video! Link

Also, take a look at angel protocol’s introduction video! Link

A new account pops up on Twitter that looks like a sports/investing app with intentions to build on Luna. Link

PancakeSwap Adds mCOIN Trading and Farm in Collaboration with Mirror Protocol — Stake CAKE, Earn UST. Link

Thank you all for reading. This week was full of so much information so I hope you guys got something out of this. I hope you enjoyed! Share the link everywhere so we can get more people informed about this ecosystem.

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