Terra Kado - an on/off-ramp for USA Payment Solutions, powered by Terra

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What is Terra Kado?

Terra Kado (Terra “Ka Do” => Gateway) at its core will be a base on/off-ramp for USA Payment Solutions, enabling a number of use cases powered by Terra. Similar to Alice, Saturn Money, and other region-specific solutions, we plan to provide a base ecosystem & build solutions from it. Once the UST to USD swap is complete (almost there..!), the sky is the limit.

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Here is a video guide made by Crypto Mory that shows the Terra Kado Web App MVP demo. Link to Video

What are some plans for the future?

Terra Kado’s first application will be Terra Kado Pay, built with individual consumers in mind. The goal is to create “Honey for UST Payments”, powering purchases on your favorite sites like Amazon, Target, eBay, and many more.

Can you imagine paying your stuff in Amazon using $UST?

Here is the video of the Terra Kado Chrome Extension demo. Link

Or buying gift cards using your $UST?

After this, they plan to automate payments for subscriptions, which they’ll do by leveraging existing solutions that manage subscriptions (Pylon, Suberra), and service them as an on/off-ramp/payment converter. This will enable their next suite of applications to be business-oriented, where Terra Kado assists in powering other dApps.

Another major goal for Terra Kado in the future is Terra Cards, which will make payments even easier for the user. As you can see in the picture above, they are aiming to create virtual and physical cards that are built on the MasterCard network for easy payments with cashback and rewards.

Can we get some Terra Kado ALPHA?

The below is not a roadmap but more a general sense of how Terra Kado will serve as a base for more use cases!

How does Terra Kado work?

How are the fees handled when you convert $UST to a gift card?

Terra Kado are still finalizing fees included in this model, but as a bootstrapped project they aim to provide the lowest possible fees to cover the UST to USD swap (they’ll need to rebalance UST to USD), but again their goal is to only charge fees to pay for this swap.

Is it first being sold to USD and then to the gift card?

Terra Kado manages a balance of USD and UST and converts UST to USD when necessary. This masks the purchase “as if it looks like being purchased in UST”, but they just collect UST and spend from their USD pool.

Terra Kado Roadmap:


And now, Terra Kado is asking for your support in building the future of USA payment dApp solutions, making it easier for new consumers to enter the ecosystem and builders to benefit from existing dApp partners.

For MORE information regarding Terra Kado make sure to go check out their recent Agora proposal. Link

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