Rerun- an app that motivates you to build habits by paying you crypto rewards

5 min readJun 11, 2021

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What is Rerun App?

Rerun is an app that motivates you to build habits by paying you crypto rewards.

What if exercising, learning a new language, or waking up on time didn’t have to be so hard?

We’ve all said it to ourselves before:

  • “I just need more discipline”
  • “Maybe if I weren’t so lazy I could do it”
  • “I just need to buckle down and try harder”

But building habits that have no short-term benefit is hard. Who wants to run on a treadmill for 6-months before seeing their abs?! It can be brutal.

Instead, Rerun wants to give you immediate, meaningful rewards along the way to keep you marching towards the long-term vision.

It will look something like this:

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Where did the idea come from?

Nick Jones, the Rerun founder/CEO, has a true story and inspiration:

I was working as a Product Manager at Wayfair. They have these ‘snack walls’ where there’s all-you-can-eat junk food… for free. The good stuff: Oreos, Cheez-Its, Pop-Tarts, Reese’s.

It was bad. I probably gained 10 lbs the first month I joined, so I decided to make a bet with a few of my co-workers: if any of us ate any junk food, we’d have to pay each other $20. And I had no plans on losing this bet!

I ended up losing about 30 lbs and getting in the best shape of my life.

It really solidified the idea for him, that we can use short-term rewards or punishments to help us reach long-term goals. This is where Rerun came into fruition…

At Rerun, they’re building a gamified habit-building app that rewards you with crypto you can redeem for real money. All for doing the things you already want to do more of.

The long-term vision? Some plans for the future:

Become the of Habit Building.

“What Amazon did to e-commerce, we want to do for habits, specifically in health and productivity. If you think about it, Amazon really only had one key advantage over other eCommerce platforms: You get your stuff more quickly.

Then they took that singular advantage and became the e-commerce leader in books, electronics, sports equipment — virtually every industry you can name.

We’re using a similar strategy that Amazon used — but instead of shipping speed, it’s habit-building speed.

By giving you short-term rewards, you’ll build many different types of habits more quickly. And then with the technology and ecosystem, we build with our token, we’ll expand into multiple different verticals and niches.”

-Nick Jones from Rerun

How does it work?

At its core, it’s the Blue Ocean Strategy. Rerun is looking to create brand new product demand by users who aren’t actively finding success with the various apps and gadgets. So instead of competing for existing customers, going to attract a large portion of people who aren’t actually using them.

For some habits, they may integrate with an existing app or device. For other habits, they plan to develop their own standalone offer inside of their app or sell their hardware down the line.

While they’re using blockchain, their target market isn’t the expert crypto enthusiast. In fact, you WON’T need to know about crypto, or gas fees to use the app. They see this as a business that is designed to ‘look outwards’, as Do Kwon says.

The people in mind.

“The total market is a lot larger if we build something outside of crypto-only use cases”

They have a few other guiding principles that they will be using to help gain mainstream adoption. More information regarding this coming in their litepaper that is coming soon

Also, make sure to join their newly made Telegram group to stay up to date and to have any rerun-related questions answered. Link

Behind the scenes:


One of the biggest questions we hear is how can we pay the rewards for our users? The short answer is that we’ll use Anchor to generate a sustainable yield to keep the rewards pool filled.

Graphic on how Rerun plans to create an everlasting supply of rewards

We think of Anchor like an apple tree. We’ll pick the apples (yield) without ever chopping down the tree (our principal deposit).

But where does the tree come from? We plan on funding the initial balance through a few different methods, including token sales coming in Q3.

-Rerun team

Rerun are also looking for engineers and advisors who are looking to join the team. You can reach out through direct message on Twitter.