Flipside Crypto Terra Bounty Monthly Recap

  1. New User Inflow- scottincrypto + Shreyash + Hawk
  2. Best Yield-Farming Opportunities for Terra assets on Ethereum- Forports
  3. Transaction Fees- scottincrypto + Shreyash
  4. Decentralization of Validator System- Crypgoat
  5. Who should you delegate to?
  6. Peg Variance- Shreyash + XYZ
  7. Liquidity Pools on TerraSwap- iamnone
  8. Whale Spotting- lejimmy
  9. Rewards Analysis- Crypgoat
  10. How is UST being used?- Shreyash
  11. burn bLUNA burn- Crypgoat
  12. Liquidations on Anchor- Shreyash
  13. Validator Slashing- lejimmy
  14. Validator Ranking- scottincrypto + 0xFrank
  15. Governance- Shreyash
  16. Who’s that going across my bridge?- Brian + Shreyash
  17. Compare Native Swaps to Terra Swaps- TheZoomer
  18. Anchor Repayments- Shreyash
  19. Assets on Mirror- TheZoomer
  20. Staking Rewards- MARNEESEAWEED
  21. Oracle Prices- Forports
  22. New User Activity- Shreyash
  23. Tax Rate- scottincrypto
  24. Community Treasury- Shreyash
  25. Delegator Behavior- TheZoomer
  26. Unique Users- Forports
  27. UST Dominance-
  28. Terra vs. Ethereum Stablecoin Volatility- XYZ
  29. LUNA to UST Price to Stability Correlation- Sam
  30. Self-Validating- Shreyash + scottincrypto

What is Flipside Crypto? And how are they helping Terra?

Do you want to complete a Flipside Terra Bounty?

Week 1:

Task #1: New User Inflow

Source: Scottincrypto

Task #2: Best Yield-Farming Opportunities for Terra assets on Ethereum

Task #3: Transaction Fees

Task #4: Decentralization of validator system

Task #6: Peg variance

Week 2:

  • Liquidity pools on TerraSwap- iamnone
  • Whale Spotting- lejimmy
  • Rewards Analysis- Crypgoat
  • How is UST being used?- Shreyash
  • Burn bLuna Burn- Crypgoat
  • Liquidations on Anchor- Shreyash

Task #7: Liquidity Pools on TerraSwap

Task #8: Whale Spotting

Task #9: Rewards Analysis

Task #10: How is UST being used?

Task #11: Burn bLuna Burn

Task #12: Liquidations on Anchor

Week 3:

Task #13: Validator Slashing

  • How many times has slashing of validators occurred on Terra in the past year?
  • What was the portion of funds that were slashed/jailed?

Task #14: Validator Ranking

Task #15: Governance

Task #16: Who’s that going across my bridge?

Task #17: Compare Native Swaps to Terra Swaps

Task #18: Anchor Repayments

Week 4:

  • Assets on Mirror
  • Staking Rewards
  • Oracle Prices
  • New User Activity
  • Tax Rate
  • Community Treasury

Task #19: Assets on Mirror

Task #20: Staking Rewards

Task #21: Oracle Prices

Task #22: New User Activity

Task #23: Tax Rate

Task #24: Community Treasury

Week 5:

Task #25: Delegator Behavior

Task #26: Unique Users

Task #27: UST Dominance

Task #28: Terra vs. Ethereum Stablecoin Volatility

Task #29: LUNA to UST Price to Stability Correlation

Task #30: Self-Validating



Luna Holder and Believer. Not financial advice

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