Angel Protocol - revolutionizing charitable giving

What is Angel Protocol achieving?

Why should everyone be interested?

What are some plans for the future?

Can we get a bit of information on the airdrops? Is there a token?

How does Angel Protocol benefit the user and the Terra ecosystem?

The Terra ecosystem benefits in several ways:

  • Angel Protocol is an excellent showcase for how the Terra ecosystem is redesigning traditional applications, such as charitable giving. Blockchains often lack clear, easily explainable use cases. Angel Protocol is a perfect example of a use case — sustainable charitable giving — that is easy to explain to people outside crypto
  • The Terra Charity Alliance works together to increase charitable giving across the ecosystem with a giving pledge to commit at least 1% of revenue to charitable indexes aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. This helps highlight the heart of the community while allowing other protocols & validators to raise their profile as socially responsible organizations
  • Angel Protocol will increase $UST demand and therefore $LUNA burn. $UST is being locked, thus creating a growing floor for LUNA value by permanently locking UST supply. By partnering with Loop & leveraging their ThorChain integration, Angel will be able to accept donations in any cryptocurrency natively from other blockchains. This allows donors to avoid any taxes on their crypto profits, as gifts/donations are not subject to capital gains tax. Other cryptos will be converted into $UST automatically, avoiding a taxable event for donors and allowing for charitable tax write-offs


  • Pylon will be offering a No-Loss Giving option for users who do not want to donate their principle but would rather stake it to donate their yield
  • Kado, Astral, & Kash will be offering on/off ramps to abstract away DeFi complexity for both donors and charities
  • Apollo, Spar, & Sandclock will be offering additional yield opportunities for endowment vault strategies in addition to base Anchor yield
  • Talis will be offering NFT badges to gamify giving & reward generous donors
  • Loop merits a repeat mention: they will be offering the ability to accept crypto in any currency, from any chain, and convert to UST on their behalf. This allows donors to avoid paying any taxes on their crypto profits

How can the community get involved?

  • Follow Angel Protocol on Twitter to stay up to date with developments and announcements. Also, be sure to watch out for NEW Terra Charity Alliance members, the list keeps on growing…
  • Reach out to Angel on Telegram! They’re always looking for enthusiastic and skilled community members as they scale and execute upon their vision. Angel Protocol is nothing without the Terra community, and your participation is key to their success
  • Angel are actively seeking Angel Ambassadors to help them onboard charities. If you know of a charity that could benefit or would like to volunteer their time in outreach efforts, please contact Duffy Casey, Angel’s onboarding leader:
  • Calling all builders! Angel are looking to expand their dev team and encourage anyone passionate about their vision to please reach out:




Luna Holder and Believer. Not financial advice

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Luna Holder and Believer. Not financial advice

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